T - Metaphysical Properties




  • Ideal meditative tools, helping one expand consciousness into the highest frequencies
  • Powerful psychic travel tools, helping one move beyond the limitations of time & space to experience different realms & other world
  • Known for raising ones vibration & strengthening the aura

       Third Eye Agate

  • Provide protection against evil
  • Enhance psychic abilities, intuition, extrasensory, perception, imagination & concentration
  • Balances physical, emotional & intellectual bodies with the etheric energies

      Tiger Eye

  • Protection stone
  • Brings good luck
  • Stabilises mood swings
  • Inspires willpower, purpose, courage & self-confidence
  • Grounding
  • Releases tension

Associated with Zodiac:  Capricorn


  • Known as stone of love and good fortune
  • Brings truth and wisdom
  • It aids in clear communication
  • Brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health
  • Releases tension and inducing relaxation
  • Promotes openness and honesty

Associated with Zodiac:  Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

     Tourmalated Quartz

  • Powerful shield stone-can amplify and return negative energy or can convert negative into a positive energy
  • Excellent stone to balance mind, body and spirit
  • Protection against harmful energies
  • Facilitates clear thinking
  • Lifts depression, fears and releases tension
  • Great energetic cleansing effect on the aura, energy session and gridwork

Energies:  Luck, Healing, Protection
Associated with Zodiac:  Capricorn


   Tree Agate

  • Brings fullness and abundance to all areas of life
  • Stone of plenitude
  • Creates a peaceful environment & encourages the enjoyment of each moment.
  • Deepens your connection to the earth.
  • Brings stability in times of strife or confusion
  • Lends perseverance & the ability to see difficulties as a challenge

Associated with Zodiac:  Leo, Virgo, Scorpio


  • Assists in visualization and imagery
  • Helpful in achieving a peaceful state during meditation
  • Helps break the bonds of co-dependency, allowing detachment without judgement & promotes unconditional love
  • Promotes positive attitude, relaxation and calmness