You will find unique gift items here.  Home decor, a meaningful gift to your love ones, gift items that are more than a million years old, gift items that are full of metaphysical properties, and many many more.



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Onyx heart candle holder, from Pakistan.  Length is approximately 3".  Thickness is approximately 1", Hole diameter is approximately 1½".  Great gift item!

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Citrine "Tree of Life" is made of gemstone or crystals.  Base of the tree is on Amethyst.  It's a perfect gift for your love ones and a great home decoration.



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This beautiful Geode is a perfect display for the house or office.  It has a natural gray color and crystals in the middle that forms a little cave.  

Color:  Gray (Natural) 

Weight:  2.11 LB

Wide:  approx. 6"

Height: 3-1/2"

Bottom Thickness:  1-3/4"

Origin:  Brazil


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Explore and learn about the fascinating world of fluorescent rocks.  See how they react when seen with the UV light.

The kit includes:

9 specimens

Special UV Pen

Streak Plate


Educational Guide

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This beautiful natural sea shell in a cone shape has 4-different color or pattern.  

Color: Plain, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Brown with random design

Lenght:  2" to 2-3/4"

Width:  1-1/4" to 1-1/2"

Origin: Philippines

Perfect decor for the house!


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