Fossils from Morocco and Madagascar!
Fossils are the remains or traces of ancient life that have been preserved by natural processes, from spectacular skeletons to tiny sea shells. 

A perfect and unique gift for everyone in every ocassion!  A convesational piece! 
Great educational gift for kids to explore their interest in Science!  Let them be your little Paleontologist!

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Ammonites are the extinct relatives of sea creatures such as the modern Nautilus.  Perfect educational gift for everyone!


Trilobite is similar to the horseshoe crab.  They lived from 550 to 200 million years ago.  Perfect gift for everyone. 


Mosasaurs are large marine reptiles, close relatives of modern-day monitor lizards.  Perfect educational gift for everyoen!



Orthoceras fossil is a squid like animal, and the name means "straight horn" which refers to its long conical shell.