Large Geode - Natural/Gray (Brazil)

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Heigth:  3-3/4" (approx.)
Width:  3-3/4" (approx.)
Depth:  1-3/4" (approx.)
Weight:  2 LB
Origin:  Brazil
Color:  Purple (stone is natural but color is enhanced/dyed)

These geodes are cut, sawn and polished.  The natural color of geode is Brown, Black/Brown, Red/Brown.  Other colors are enhanced or colored (such as Pink, Purple, Teal, Blue, and Green) to see the crystallization and pattern inside the Geode.  But the stone is natural!

Geode is an interesting mineral.  It looks ordinary on the outside, but extraordinary on the inside!  It is formed when water gets into a rock through fine cracks.  As the water evaporates, the minerals left behind and form the crystals.

A perfect, unique and lovely gift for everyone for all ocsasions!
For Energy lover, great for personal use for its healing properties and positive energy!

Other Metaphysical Properties are:

  • Assist one in astral travels
  • Stimulates immune system
  • Balances the energy of body, mind and spirit
  • Aids confidence building and self belief
  • Great  for meditation, soothing and de-stressing & supports spirituality

Scientific Properties:
Geodes are spheroidal to eccentric-shaped rocks formed when minerals either enter or are trapped in openings inside rock material.  In volcanic rocks, fluids and gases often remain inside air pockets in the lava.  Dring and after cooling, these fluids fill the cavity with various successions of agate and quartz layers, often ending in open cavities with inward-facing quartz crystals.  Other geodes may be formed by cavities by dissolved organic material, fractures in the rock, or by pockets caused by dissolved mineral material.  Colors within the geodes are caused from elements such as iron, that are carried in the solutions.  Most geodes are composed of agates, although some geodes are formed of calcite usually in limestone pockets.
Countries of Origin:  Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Namibia, USA

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