Orthoceras - Black (Morocco, 4")

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Size:  4" (approx.)
Width:  1-1/4" (approx.)
Origin:  Morocco

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Fossils are the remains or traces of ancient life that have been preserved by natural processes, from spectacular skeletons to tiny sea shells. 
Morocco is the largest supplier of fossils, such as Orthoceras, in the world.

A perfect, unique and educational gift for everyone!  A conversational piece!
Perfect gift for educational collection for kids!

The name orthoceras means "straight horn", and refers to its long conical shell. 

Orthoceras fossil is an ancient mollusk whose fossil shells are found and polished in the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert of Morocco.  In the Devonian geologic period, some 350 million years ago, these ocean dwellers, reaching a length of up to 6 feet, swam in an Ocean which covered the area.  After death, their shells were preserved in the black marble where they are found today.  They moved by ejected water through an opening & by moving their tentacles.  The tentacles caught food while their parrot-shaped beaks cut the food up.  It has a Mohs scale of 3.5 to 4 hardness.

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