Mosasaurs - Fossils from Morocco (1-1/4")

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Size:  1-1/4" (approx.)
Origin:  Morocco
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Mosasaurs are serpentine marine reptiles and ferocious predators from the Cretaceous period.
They are NOT dinosaurs,but evolved from semi-aquatic squamates known as the "aigialosaurs", close relatives of modern-day monitor lizards.
Mosasaurs breathe air and are powerful swimmers that are well-adapted to living in the warm, shallow epicontinental seas prevalent during the Late Cretaceous.  They grow up to seventeen meters long, but the longest ever recorded was 17.5 meters long.

A perfect and unique gift for everyone, especially the kids who love fossils and dinosaurs!
Perfect educational gift for kids to explore their interest in Science!  Let them be your little scientist!


Fossils are the remains or traces of ancient life that have been preserved by natural processes, from spectacular skeletons to tiny sea shells. 
Morocco is the largest supplier of fossils, such as Orthoceras, in the world. 

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